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Hypothalamic set point and its importance….

ChiroHCG works to boost your metabolism and prevents the body from going into starvation mode when you’re consuming fewer calories than you need. This causes the body to go to the fat for its energy instead for protein (muscle). Once you have finished the cycle or have attained your goal weight, you will go onto maintenance or cycling phase. This phase requires a slight change in the diet. You are completely off of the drops. This is critical because your body has homeostasis (it likes itself where it is). This is why so many people take weight off but they immediately start putting weight back on when they go to maintain. This happens because they did not give the hypothalamus a new set point once they took the weight off. By establishing a new set point, you are able to keep the weight off more easily.

Product Information:  3X HCG – 30X L-Carnitine – 30X Arginine – VIT B12

It is a multi-dilution blend that includes 3X HCG for is for the hypothalamic reaction (which is just about twice the HCG affect of 60x), hunger suppression and cravings. 30X L-Carnitine gives a slight metabolism boost and craving suppression and then 30X Arginine and Ornithine gives a mild detox benefit. We put that in because most people are on the product for the full 42 days. Instead of blasting their bodies with toxins, we give them a very mild detox for 42 days. This also helps the person who will require more than 1 round to reach their goal weight. It will decrease the volume of each fat cell because of the detox which will give them a smaller body measurement when they are between cycles.

The company that manufactures our product is one of only a few companies that use raw HCG from the US. Almost all others are from China and India.

Research Links: Beyond Weight Loss: The Unexpected Benefits of HCG

HCG is quickly gaining recognition for its ability to help with weight loss. Although the hormone still has not been approved by the FDA for use as a weight loss product, many physicians are recommending it to their patients. Weight loss clinics specializing in HCG weight loss treatments are becoming more common as well. In addition to helping people lose weight, many people utilizing this weight loss program are discovering that there are additional benefits as well.

Pregnancy Hormone May Prevent Breast Cancer -Animal Studies Suggest HCG Could Become Alternative to Tamoxifen

April 19, 2005 (Anaheim, Calif.) – A pregnancy hormone shows promise for preventing breast cancer in women according to Philadelphia researchers. In animal studies, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) activated tumor suppressor genes, stopped cancer cell growth and induced other genetic changes that indicate an anticancer effect, says Irma H. Russo, MD, chief of molecular endocrinology at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

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