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Knee Injections in Naperville, IL
Non-Surgical Hyaluronic Acid Knee Injections

Hyaluronic Acid Knee Injections in Naperville, IL: As we age and undergo the stress of continued use, our body’s synovial fluid can become depleted. This is especially true in the knees which are the body’s largest weight bearing joint. This can lead to a reduction in joint space resulting in loss of cartilage, swelling and discomfort as well a reduced strength and limited range of motion. This process results in a condition known as osteoarthritis of the knee, sometimes referred to as “wear and tear arthritis”.

Until recently, the primary arthritis treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee were limited to corticosteroid injections, physical therapy, knee replacement surgery or simply learning to live with the pain and frustration of a mobility-limited lifestyle. That is, of course, until the rooster came along…

In 1996, scientists successfully extracted, purified and concentrated the hyaluronic acid found within the rooster’s comb into a product used for the treatment and relief of knee pain. It is now used as an alternative to surgery around the globe and has helped countless individuals regain their mobility and alleviate pain.

For many knee pain sufferers, the list of tried-and-failed treatments include:

  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Prescription pain meds
  • Over the counter pain meds
  • Heat and ice
  • Massage
  • Exercise and stretching
  • Surgery

At Naperville Rehab Clinic, we provide an alternative to these “hit and miss” knee pain treatments – a non-surgical, comprehensive approach to knee pain. We have combined a unique non-surgical approach with a collection of some of the most advanced knee pain relief technology and protocols available.

To make sure that we are not just another disappointment like all of the failed treatments you have already tried, we have designed a very non-invasive and extensive pre-treatment evaluation system. This evaluation system allows us to help determine who is an IDEAL candidate for this treatment (likely to respond well) and those who are not ideal (not likely to respond well).

This pre-treatment evaluation system will allow you to know whether you are likely to respond BEFORE you undergo treatment. If our pre-treatment evaluation determines you are not a good fit, it saves you both time and disappointment.

What Makes Hyaluronic Acid Knee Injection Treatment So Effective?

At Naperville Rehab Clinic, Dr. Tony Maghsoudi uses an advanced fluoroscopic imaging to pinpoint where inside the knee the pain is coming from and exactly where the treatment needs to be delivered. This allows us to determine treatment right to the damaged knee tissue, allowing us to provide relief through the hyaluronic acid knee injection with a significant rate of success. Unfortunately, most knee pain treatments are often delivered without this technology and the results are unpredictable at best.

There are 4 critical components to the hyaluronic acid knee injection treatment system

Critical Component #1: Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is not a drug but a naturally derived substance. Hyaluronic acid knee injections relieve pain by lubricating and cushioning the knee joint. Hyaluronic acid is a natural chemical found in the body. It is present in a particularly high amount in joint tissues and in the fluid that fills the joint (also called synovial fluid). It is injected directly into the knee.

Hyaluronic acid knee injections work differently than oral pain medications. The knee injections do not pass through your bloodstream to work. Since the injections is injected directly into your knee, it does not cause stomach bleeding problems like some pain medications.

Hyaluronic acid knee injections can provide long-lasting pain relief for up to 6 months and be safely used for up to 30 months.

Critical Component #2: Advanced Fluoroscopic Imaging

Dr. Maghsoudi exclusively uses advanced fluoroscopic imaging to administer the treatment. This is the only way to allow the hyaluronic acid knee injection treatment to arrive inside the knee joint with pinpoint accuracy and deep inside your knee where the pain is coming from.

Critical Component #3: Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at Naperville Rehab Clinic work closely with your needs. We avoid knee pain by compensating and altering gait. The physical therapists will correct your gait and strengthen your joints and muscles to help you return to a more active life.

Critical Component #4: Knee Bracing

Specialized knee braces will improve the decreased joint space from the wear and tear that occurs with arthritis. Once the brace is fitted, knee joint space is increased and the pain from being “bone on bone” decreased.

Together, these components produce effective results that may eliminate your pain and avoid unnecessary medications and surgery.

Hyaluronic acid knee injections at Naperville Rehab Clinic

Our experienced team of medical professionals at Naperville Rehab Clinic are here to help patients to alleviate pain and recover from their injuries. Our medical professionals have special training and certification in the art of clinical hypnotherapy, acupuncture, postural correction, and golf/sports injuries. We use the non-surgical method to diagnose and treat conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, disc bulging/herniation, stenosis, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, hip, knee and ankle pain, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain as well as other related neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.

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