Shred10 Healthy Living Program in Naperville, IL
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The Shred10 Program Jumpstarts You to Better Health in Just 10 Days
Shred it. Live it. Share It. You can do Anything for 10 Days!

Shred10 in Naperville, IL

The Shred10 healthy living program is a fun, effective and do-able jump start to better health. For 10 days, you will shred the food and habits that are not serving you and will focus on clean living and flooding your body with whole food nutrition. The 10 day jump start is the beginning of a 4-month period of education and healthy changes that will revolutionize your health for years to come!

How the program works

During the Shred10 (10 day jump start) and the period following, you will flood your body with the nutrition of 45 different fruits, vegetables and berries using Juice Plus+ capsules and complete shakes.

Whole food nutrition from a variety of sources is the foundation of good health, and Juice Plus+ intensifies our nutritional intake and helps bridge the gap between what we do eat and what we should eat.

The program offers a number of amazing benefits to living a healthier life which include:

50-page “Shred Guide” eBook filled with:
  • Success Tips
  • Education
  • Health Care Professional Recommendations
  • Shred-Approved Recipes
  • Smoothie Ideas
  • On-The-Go Snack Lists
Private Facebook Community Support
  • Daily Encouragement
  • Friendship
  • Transparency
  • Meal Ideas
  • Accountability
  • Fun!
Daily Personalized Support and Education
  • Text Message Accountability
  • Educational Shred10™ Success Videos
  • Support with Just the Tap of a Finger

Shred10 Healthy Living Program at Naperville Rehab Clinic

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